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It’s imperative these days for businesses to properly shred and discard of personal documents from customers and clients. In fact, in many cases, it’s a requirement by law. Recent laws, such as HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FACTA (the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act), state that a business is responsible for the protection of their customer’s information.

Document shredding is the best way to ensure proper disposal of sensitive materials. A business should consider hiring a mobile shredding NYC company to do this job for them. Hiring a mobile shredding NY company has many benefits for business owners.

Hiring an on-site shredding company is the fastest and easiest way for businesses to get their shredding needs completed. The on-site company can provide the business with locked bins in the office. Employees can directly place any material that needs shredding in the bin. The company will come to the office at a scheduled time to dispose of the items in the container. This process essentially takes away the responsible of shredding from the owner.

Having an on-site shredding company allows the business and its employees to oversee the shredding process. Monitoring the process has two benefits. First, it ensures that the wrong documents aren't shredded. Employees can double check the records to be destroyed before they go into the shredder. Second, this gives business owners added reassurance that documents will not wind up in the hands of someone else. The documents are shredded right in the office and not off premises.

An on-site shredding company also guarantees that the documents will be unrecoverable. A reputable shredding company will not only shred documents into tiny pieces, but they will also mix the pieces with other shredded paper. This process makes it impossible to recover material once shredded.


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