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How does Mobile Shredding Work?


No matter how busy a company can get, it should never slack off when it comes to protecting and destroying sensitive materials/documents. If your company has a security breach or a client has there identity stole, claiming you were too busy is not a good legal defense. Time, money, and manpower must be devoted to properly storing and destroying documents that can potentially harm a business or their clients. If you cannot find the time and people to take care of this big problem, you should hire outside professionals who know how to handle secure documents.

Mobile shredding is the safest, easiest, and cheapest way to dispose of important documents when running a busy business. The company you hire will:

Install a special, locked garbage bin that is designated for secure documents.

Come to your place of business when needed. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly (depending on the amount of paper you need destroyed).

Destroy documents in a specialized truck right in front of your building.

Hiring mobile shredding services takes all the work out of shredding, and leaves the big responsibility in the hands of professionals. Keep your company's and client's information safe and properly destroy documents.


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