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How Does Paper get Recycled?


The use of paper shredding technology for business is necessary. Companies, business, and medical practices that take and store sensitive personal information are legally required to properly destroy those records. This is especially the case in the medical field because of strict HIPPA laws. Shredding documents is a great way to destroy documents, but there are added benefits besides keeping sensitive information safe. Shredding documents is a great way to begin the paper recycling process.

Paper recycling is arguably the most used form of recycling; however, this is more of a recent trend. It wasn't until the end of World War II that a push for recycling paper came about. The recycling process is time consuming, but by shredding paper (before recycling) you can reduce the time and energy that goes into the process. Professional shredding companies even have special relationships with paper repurposing plants, which make it easy for your papers to get where they need to be. When document shredding in Westchester, NY, for instance, it is important to know where the paper ends up. Speak with a local company about their methods of recycling destroyed paper.

Shredding paper does more than simply keeping your information safe.


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