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Last year, businesses spent over five billion dollars in security breach costs. This includes fees and lost revenue. Even companies that are thriving should not be throwing money away. By taking chances with important documentation, meaning disposing of it improperly, a company runs a high risk of identity theft and breeches. Taking care of daily operations is time consuming, so adding in shredding only takes away time from work while adding stress on your workers. There is a wide array of options that are available for professional shredding, and so serious companies should seriously consider these services.

Professional companies create schedules for shredding, so that you don't waste money shredding too much or create security risks by shredding too little. Professional documents shredding in Westchester, NY can help any company identify the proper amount of shredding. This can be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly shredding. Shredding all depends on the amount of important documentation a business/company produces. The hired services can even be called in on short notice for uncommonly large batches of documents.

Besides options for scheduling, a business also can choose between onsite and remote shredding. In both cases, all documentation will be stored in appropriately designated waste bins for papers to be shredded. These bins are locked and have small slits, so that once a paper goes in it stays in until time for shredding (this is a security feature). Companies that prefer to not lose sight of documents can hire mobile shredding. Professional shredding companies have trucks and vans that house shredding machines. The papers are moved from the building and out to the vehicle. Documents are destroyed right then and there. This service is a bit more expensive, so you can also have remote shredding. This means that your papers are brought back to the shredding companies office where the documents are put through industrial shredding machines. In both cases, professional companies do all they can to recycle as much of the paper as possible.

When it comes to shredding, you also have the option for different levels of security. Different machines do different cuts. Professional companies usually only use crosscut shredding technology, which is the most effective way of destroying documents. Traditional straight shredding units produce destroyed documents that can be placed back together with patience and time.

Regardless of how you decided to shred, it is important that you at least decide to shred. Taking care of important documents will make it possible for your company to not have any identity breeches.

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