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Other Options Besides Buying A Shredder


When is the last time you saw pricing on high-quality shredding? Maybe you were walking in an office supply store and a price tag caught your eye? Let’s face it; good shredding units aren’t just being given away, and if you want one that can handle a serious job then you will have to pay a good deal of cash. Different sizes of shredders exist, and even different power strength too. Getting yourself a small affordable shredder will just make your jobs so much longer: if there are at all possible with the small machine. Don’t risk failure and don’t buy an expensive machine that will only be used sporadically. There are other options out there for you.

USA Shred is in the business of destroying paper, and we want to bring our services to you.  We have the highest quality shredders in the business, and so for us no job is too big or small. Jobs we’ve successfully completed include full commercial office spaces and home offices as well. Our machines are heavy-duty, and no matter the stock, type, or amount, we can shred your papers.

We offer in office services, meaning we can come to your home or office with machine. What we do is we set up our machine somewhere out of the way, and we begin to get to work on your office papers. At USA Shred we know time is money, and so we make it a point to stay out of the way of daily office activities. When you think of USA Shred you should think of professionalism, both in terms of the work we do as well as the way each of our employees carries themselves.

If you prefer to us to pick you papers, so that we can tear them at our facilities, then we can work with you as well. We provide pickup services, so that you can rid of the paper nice and quick. We take them back to our facility, shred them, and then dispose of the waste properly.

USA Shred can help you with any and all your shredding need. Give us a call today, and see how we can help you. We look forward  to doing business with you.

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