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The Science of Shredding


Every office space must have the easy ability to shred documents that contain important/sensitive information. This essential ability can make the difference between client safety and huge company security breaches. Security breaches can cost companies an incredible amount of money, so it is best to do everything possible to keep important information safe. Shredding documents is a great way to ensure information remains private.

Despite the size of a shredder, they all function in a similar fashion. Shredders are composed of two separate parts: the top shredding element and the bottom receptacle. Smaller machines can only shred small amounts of paper before having to be emptied. Not only do the machines hold little waste, they can only handle shredding minimal amounts of paper. The blades that spin inside do not have the size or power to cut through thicker stacks of paper. If you overwork a paper shredder, it will burn out and break. Hiring mobile shredding NYC is the best way to do document shredding.  A mobile shredding NY company has shredders that are capable of handle heavy loads of paper. This mobile service is a great option for companies who do not want to buy shredders, but still understand the importance of document shredding. Keep your business safe.


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