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To Shred or not to Shred?


Some people think that shredding paper is the only option for destroying documents with sensitive materials. Although in most cases shredding is the most inexpensive, safest, and reliable, there are some other options to consider.

It is possible to soak papers in water like liquids so that they become completely unreadable. On a small scale, this can be done in sinks and in plastic bags, but large receptacles can be used as well. Although there is no way to reconstruct documents destroyed by these means, it is rather time consuming and messy. Destroying documents can take up to a several days, depending on the amount of documents being destroyed at one time.

Another options for destruction is fire. Burning a document is the safest way to protect information that was originally on the paper, but it is hard to do on a frequent basis. Most cities have codes that do not allow for burning materials outsides. It is possible to get permits, but that can be difficult and time consuming. The other option is to find a specialized place that burns documents. These places are few and far between, so they tend to cost more than hiring shredding companies.

Document shredding NYC is safe and cost effective. There is a reason it is the main option for businesses all over the world.


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