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Traditional Shredding Doesn't Work


It is important to ensure that company information is safely secured. In the digital age, this means securing networks, working with Intranet, and encrypting sensitive materials. Regardless of the company that you run, you must really take care to protect this information. Hackers are looking to get into companies' systems, so that they can steal identities, social securities numbers, and credit card numbers. Even if you are a small company, it is important to not take liberates with peoples digital identities. Within the last two-year, at least five major companies were victims of hacking. Hackers were able to get into systems, so that they could steal identities. If hackers can get into a big companies system, then it might be easier to get into small companies that do not protect themselves.

A lot of talk has been going on lately about cyber security, and it rightfully should be, but that doesn't mean traditional forms of stealing identities aren't still implemented by criminals. Twenty years ago, a criminal would have to steal documents that had important information on it. If a company didn't secure important information within the office, potentially someone/some people could break in and steal information. The Water Gate Scandal is a prime example of this. It important to keep important documents locked away, as well as having accountability for those whom has access to the information. Keeping important documents inside locked cabinets in secure rooms can do this. You can limit the amount of people who can access the files, which will eliminate theft of those materials.

After a certain point, those materials become useless, and so they must be disposed of. Throwing those documents in a garbage can that is easily accessible is not a smart or safe idea. All a criminal has to do is wait for the garbage to be thrown out. You can take steps to make theft pointless, such as shredding all those important documents. With modern technology it is possible for criminals to put shredded paper back together. If this is the case, how do you protect this information? The answer is to hire professional document shredding in Westchester, NY. Professional companies have industrial shredders, which obliterate any papers fed through them. This makes it impossible for a thief too put those documents back together. If you are serious about the protection of important information, lock it up or dispose of it properly.

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