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Using an Office Shredder could be Risky


Purchasing an in-house shredder to handle sensitive office documents may seem like an easy way to save money. However, in-house paper shredders come with a host of problems and usually wind up costing more time and money.

Most standard shredders can malfunction easily if they are overworked. Heavy use can lead to over-exertion. In addition to overuse, irregular paper can damage the shredder as well. Most standard shredders are not built to handle thicker paper such as cardstock.

Non-paper material can greatly damage a standard shredder. They are meant for paper only and not other office items, such as paper clips or staples. However, due to the time constraints it takes to remove these items from documents, many employees will try to force them down the shredder.

Ensuring that your in-house shredder is running smoothly requires regular maintenance. To reduce the risk of the machine malfunctioning, it should be oiled and emptied on a regular basis. It’s easy for these tasks to fall through the cracks in a busy office.

When the task of document shredding NYC is left to the office staff, it’s best to create a schedule. However, when a schedule is not followed or never created, it’s easy for the office to become overwhelmed with paper shredding duties. As the paper builds up, there is a higher chance that mistakes will occur.

Possibly the biggest risk a business takes when using an in-house shredder is breach of security. When sensitive information is being shredded by employees there is a greater risk that confidential information will be exposed.
The best way to avoid these issues is to hire a professional for your paper shredding NYC needs.


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