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What Documents Should you Shred?


Before shredding documentation in a work place, it is important to first fully assess all sensitive materials that must be shredded. Companies that shred all old document waste time, energy, and money on the endeavor. A good deal of paper can simply be tossed in the garbage (of course you will want to recycle the old paper, so you will have the blue paper recycle bins). The only papers that need to be shredded are documents that have sensitive materials (both materials that could hurt the business and its customers).

In order to assess what documents should be shredded its important to first go back and look at the information asked on template forms. If the business or company has clients/customers fill out forms, make certain what information is being asked for. If it has any personal information, it should be destroyed. This includes addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, and social security numbers.

It is important to fully assess all the documents because if you miss important information the company and its customers are now in danger. Shredding documents with professional companies that have the correct machines and working methods is the best way to keep important information safe. Don't just trust a small shredder in the office; hire professional document shredding Westchester, NY.

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