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USA SHRED servicing NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Westchester area
Residential & Drop off Shredding Services.
We service Residential & Commercial clients.

USA SHRED is a Paper shredding & Document shredding company with the highest capacity shredders in the industry. Document destruction and Paper shredding is our specialty. Our business will make sure no one knows yours.

We will provide the Highest Level of Document Security, Customer Satisfaction, and Cost Efficiency to its clients.  We will strive to con-stantly improve our systems and processes.  This will be achieved by hiring the best possible people who can contribute experience and innovative ideas that will make the company an industry leader.  Above all else we look to provide a valuable service and experience to both our customers and employees.


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Benefits of On-Site Document Destruction
Cost Efficiency and Convenience
Legal Compliance
Environmentally Friendly Service


Confidential information exists in
many different forms.  This infor-
mation can be extremely valuable
assets to an organization and even
more valuable to identity thieves
and the competition.
Law enforcement experts claim
that identity theft crimes have cost
domestic organizations over 24 billion dollars annually in recent years.
USA SHRED will destroy many
different forms of confidential
. Printed data, electronic
data, and any other proprietary
are necessary media
that should be destroyed as an
added security measure to avoid
improper usage.

Paper shredding Process

  • USA SHRED offers monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly service to all customers.  We will establish a convenient service frequency based upon the client's needs and volumes.

  • USA SHRED can provide high security containers, state of the art shredding vehicles and security checked employees.

  • Security containers are strategically placed free of charge in the client's facility for added convenience.  The client's employees simply place the confidential information into our containers.

  • USA SHRED will handle the rest.

While we are widely known to be the leader in commercial shredding, our document shredding services continue to grow. Call us today.

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