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Commercial Document Shredding Services


Businesses such as law firms, accounting offices, financial institutions, hospitals and many others oftentimes have highly sensitive personal and/or financial information included in files that are regularly scheduled for document shredding in NYC. It’s critically important for just about every business manager to know exactly ‘who’ is operating the shredder. Who, exactly, is in charge of document destruction in Long Island? Should that person or others within the company be trusted with a nearly limitless amount of documents that could easily facilitate numerous incidents of identity theft?

Are we saying that nearly every business should conscientiously ‘vet’ their document shredding contractor before entrusting them with discarded files that could contain a virtual gold mine of identity theft information?  Yes, that’s exactly what we’re saying, but who has the ‘time’ to thoroughly research their document destruction services? In any event, you shouldn’t ‘have’ to when the Big Apple leader in commercial document shredding offers:

  • A years-long reputation for exceptional performance, trustworthiness and reliability
  • Thorough criminal history and other background checks on all employees within the company as a whole
  • All document destruction personnel are bonded and fully insured
  • Fail-safe security measures to protect your business’ confidential information
  • Affordable document destruction in Long Island and throughout the Greater New York Area

We offer far more than commercial document shredding services you can rely on; we also offer the priceless peace of mind that comes from knowing your confidential files are in good and trustworthy hands. When you add it all up, it’s easy to see how we have become the leading and most trusted, commercial document destruction contractor in the region. When you want the very best in commercial shredding services, we’re waiting right here to serve you. Contact us anytime!


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