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What to Know About document destruction in NYC


Identity theft and corporate espionage are currently the most costly crimes in the United States.  Law enforcement organizations estimate that these crimes cost domestic businesses over 24 billion dollars annually.  

All organizations have confidential information that needs to be destroyed.  Organizations in the U.S. have an ethical and legal responsibility to ensure their employees and clients are protected from the loss or theft of their confidential information.

Proper safeguards are necessary to ensure such confidential information is destroyed beyond duplication.  Employing an on-site document destruction service will greatly reduce the risk of an identity theft crime.

Once confidential information makes its way into the garbage, it is easily accessible to the general public and is legally
available to anyone.  Discarding confidential information without first destroying it could put your organization and self at
risk of prosecution.

Day to Day Documents and Stored Documents

All organizations should utilize a program to control its day to day and stored documents that must be destroyed.  The use of security consoles placed strategically around an organization's facility will improve the ability and convenience of securing the confidential information.

Complying with retention periods for stored documents and destroying those documents on a regular basis helps reduce labor costs, warehouse/storage costs, and risk of law suit. 

Recycling is NOT a Guaranteed Method of Destruction
Recycling paper in its original form is not a secure method of destruction.  Often recycled documents are sorted in an
unsecured manner.  Not controlling or screening the people who handle your confidential documents can lead to identity
theft and corporate espionage.  Recyclers and paper mills do not utilize safeguards to prevent their employees from
stealing confidential information that is designated to be recycled.
Certificate of Destruction

When contracting a document destruction service it is important to require that a Certificate of Destruction is provided at
the conclusion of each service.  This document should be kept on file as a matter of record that a company has been
compliant with the destruction of their confidential information.  It is essentially a signed agreement from the vendor that
documents the date that a company's material was destroyed. 

A business must be sure it is dealing with a reputable vendor that utilizes proper security measures.  Contracting an on-
site document destruction service is the best way to reduce risk of a security breach or loss of confidential information to
a competitor.

In House Shredding

An organization should avoid delegating in house shredding to internal staff.  Lower level employees should not be
delegated the responsibility of destroying confidential information.  Putting employees in charge of handling materials
containing company secrets, payroll or other sensitive material could result in legal issues and labor disputes.  

The destruction process should be supervised by a person of authority or a security service if the destruction is
maintained internally.  Contracting an on-site vendor with security trained personnel will eliminate the need to utilize
internal staff for this purpose and help them become more productive at their primary role.

On-site document destruction services will generally destroy thousands of pounds of material per hour.  Most office
shredders do not have the capacity to shred high quantities per hour.  Many companies that now contract an on-site
vendor used to use an office shredder at one time.  USA SHRED can destroy approximately 2500 to 3000 pounds per
hour with its current fleet.
Environmental Effect
Contracting an on-site document destruction service generally guarantees that paper and plastics are recycled upon
conclusion of the destruction process.  This service has a positive effect on the environment by reducing the number of
trees that are cut down each year.

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