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Shredding the Correct Documents


Investing in a shredding service in Westchester is a wise choice: it is the most efficient method of disposing of undesirable material and can protect identity from being stolen. It is important to remember that just because all documents can be destroyed, doesn’t mean that they all should be.  There are some documents that must be kept, in order to prove citizenship, identity, nationality, and even if you are alive or dead.

  • Social security cards: Social Security cards are items that should always be protected. Your social security card lists a number that will identify you from birth to death. You will need your card in order to prove that you are actually a citizen of the United States, and to apply for most schools, jobs, and credit cards.
  • Birth and Death Certificates: A Birth and Death certificate prove that someone is either alive, or once was living as a citizen in the United States. A birth certificate proves where and when you were born, the names of your biological parents, and the height, weight, and sex that you were born with. Death certificates show the time of death and the cause, and are used to close accounts and stop taxation.
  • Wills, living wills, and power of attorney: These documents are also items that should never be shredded as they protect your assets after you pass. Wills state how your monetary and personal assets should be used after you die, and limit confrontation and confusion amongst your loved ones. Without a will, it would be impossible for closed relatives to fairly determine who deserved a specific item of cash amount. Power of attorney is paper work that shows who has the right to make a decision on your behalf, if you no longer have the mental faculties to do so for yourself.

Essentially, all documents that should be kept safe regard federal maters, certifications, licenses and deeds. You will always need these documents to be accessible.  In addition, many of these important papers are extremely difficult to replace, as they require a direct request to government agencies.

If you are interested in learning more about document shredding in Westchester NY, or would like to ask some questions, it is wise to contact a professional. Professional service that provide document shredding in Westchester, NY are a perfect resources for those interested in protecting their documents from theft and fraud.

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