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Why USA SHRED for On-Site Document Destruction Service?

Security Cost Efficiency and Convenience

Security is achieved through the use of our free
dead bolt locked security consoles or locking
portable totes. Each are equipped with slots to
conveniently place confidential information into the
bins.These bins are strategically placed throughout
an organization’s facility to encourage the usage by
its employees.

Security is further achieved with on-site shredding.
Our service technicians will securely transport your
confidential information from the locked bins to our
mobile shredding vehicle. There all your documents
and other information are destroyed beyond duplication by our state of the art cross cut shredders.

Cost Efficiency and convenience are achieved
through the use of our convenient process. Your
employees simply place the confidential information
into the locked bins for temporary storage until your
predetermined service day. There is no need to
separate files, clips, staples or plastics.

Additional savings is achieved by retiring your traditional
office shredder in place of our on-site shredding
program. We can shred in minutes what most office
shredders can destroy in hours or days. Many of our
existing clients used to use an office shredder. Since
switching to USA SHRED, they now save a lot of payroll
expenses by utilizing this service.

Legal Compliance
Due to the billions of dollars lost each year from
identity theft and corporate espionage, there are now numerous laws in place mandating how organ-izations handle confidential information. Consumer
protection laws, medical privacy regulations and rules
regarding financial information are only a few areas in
which organizations must monitor the daily security of their confidential information.

Significant fines could occur and secret company in-
formation stolen or lost if organizations do not comply
with confidentiality regulations. On-site shredding is
the most secure and cost efficient method of destroy-ing your confidential information.

* Graham Leach Bliley
* Patriot Act
* Sarbanes-Oxley
* Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act

Environmentally Friendly Service
USA Shred recycles approximately 95% of all
material that is shred on a daily basis. Therefore it
is an environmentally friendly service.  By utilizing an on-
site document destruction service you will help the
environment. The recent increase in recycled paper
products has helped limit the amount of trees cut down
each year.

USA SHRED security consoles offer 15% more
capacity than most consoles utilized by our comp-
etitors. Added console capacity may reduce the need for
extra service visits in between predetermined service
days, and consequently reduce annual costs.

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